American TV on your mobile


  • Great quality
  • Lots of content
  • Handy channel guide


  • Live streaming broke up

Very good

Streaming live television on mobiles has come a long way in the last few years. And now MobiTV promises a completely new experience. And yes it is very good. The main thing is the quality of the picture and the amount of content available. You can flick between live breaking news (ABC, NBC, Fox), sports channels, music channels, lifestyle channels, cartoons, it's all here. MobiTV's high quality streaming plus channel guide at the bottom of the screen make it so easy to switch between stations. Plus the mini-guide lets you see what else is on while you're watching a programme.

On my trial the live streaming kept breaking-up. The quality was fantastic when it worked but often the picture froze. Similarly when changing channels the content took some time to arrive. MobiTV does strongly recommend that you have an unlimited data plan with your carrier, which might not be possible for all users. There's really great potential here and I was delighted with the service. When it worked!

Sure email and browsing on your phone are helpful, but it's time to truly upgrade your Windows Mobile experience.

Watch LIVE TV whenever and wherever you want.

Waiting in line? Watch a music video or see what's on the Discovery Channel.
Missing breaking news? Check out live news reports.
Kids bored in the backseat? Let them watch some cartoons
Real Live TV, with the channels you know from home. (Only $9.99/month).

Key Features:

  • High quality streaming video
  • Graphical channel guide with full programming information
  • Full screen viewing option
  • Portrait mode viewing option (Pocket PC only)
  • Touchscreen/pen-based navigation
  • 5-way navigation for one-handed use
  • Mini guide allows you to browse channels WHILE watching TV




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